School Principal Message

Vijesh Kumar

India is a land of culminating influences-a beacon illuminating the world since times immemorial,a fountain-head of knowledge fostering growth and enlightenment through indulgence in the vistas of knowledge.The preceptor-disciple relationship can be seen here in its sublimity and ethicality .Cascading from the Vedic era,submersing in the legendary era this stream of knowledge continues incessantly assimilating the changes of the modern age.Magnificent confluence of the wisdom of divine sages like Rishi Vashishtha,Rishi Bharadwaj,Rishi Ved Vyas with that of great philosophers and thinkers like Aadi Shankaracharya,Chanakya,Kabir,Surdas,Ravidas and that of the modern maestros like Mahatma Gandhi,Swami Vivekananda,Vinoba Bhave,C.V.Raman,A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in itself knowledge at its best that elevates,emancipates and promulgates.

The present epoch is that of change.The everchanging world with its inventions has set new milestones in the field of education.Education today has gone global with the student turned into a global learner.This is why on us rests the onus for facilitating the development of the student so that he can involve himself with the learning environment.Our foremost aim is to provide such learning experiences to a child that may lead to his insight formation,textbooks being an integral part of that learning experience.KVS is committed to this goal and is preparing its students for challenges of the future through the white and green leaves open.
We are trying to inculcate in our students a spirit to embrace modern technology,a healthy competitive style and moral values.In our efforts at nation-building,we need to develop such human resource that may prove its acumen as a global citizen besides nationality.We are working rigorously in this direction and need your kind cooperation and support.Let us join hands and come together to make this 21st century India a dream country for our youth.
With best wishes.
Vijesh Kumar